Tony Conway - Founder & CEO - Legendary Events

Tony Conway - Founder & CEO - Legendary Events

Takeaway #1

Tony shares that his company is all about being different each time & making it better & better & better. So much so that he dines out 5 nights per week. So he can try new food, get the vibe of a different place.

Takeaway #2

Referral marketing is his number one way of marketing. And he doesn't do it by blasting his companies name all over everything in the building. He has found that if a potential client has a great experience - they will seek out his company.

Takeaway #3

And finally questions. Are you asking your clients good questions? Write down 5 or 6 really really good questions that you can ask your clients to get to know them a little better. Tony shares some of his favorite questions with us. So grab a pen and paper and get ready for this interview.. Oh, and did I forget to mention he share marketing and branding tips on booking celebs like Opera Winfrey. This is going to be good!

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Hey Videographers are "Real" Wedding Vendors Now!

Jamison Braly interview

Jamison Braly - Owner & Founder - JB Videography

Jamison tells us that wedding shows or bridal shows were a good starting point for him. and he thinks that if you're just getting in the game - bridal shows may be a good way for you to go.

Jamison also shares with us that his super chill approach the day of wedding is intentional - but has a calming effect on the bride. He says that normally he's a pretty firey guy, but the wedding day... everybody's amped up. He just keeps everything cool & fun & light. And it seems to really help.

And he brings up the ongoing tension between photographers and videographers and reminds us that "Hey Videographers are "real" vendors now" haha...

Time To Step Up That Instagram Game with Elena Balkcom

Elena Balkcom Interview

Elena Balkcom - Founder - Laurel Avenue

Elena shares with us that she uses her wedding company and even the name as a reminder of her faith in God and her Walk.

Elena let's us in on her wedding planning system and drops some software bombs for you techy nerds, like "Quip" and "Crowd Fire".

And finally Elena is like the queen of Instagram we go into detail on how she gains followers and how the heck she keeps everything so pretty and white.

Choose Marriage Over Wedding with Carly Nash

Carly Nash Interview

Carly Nash - Event Design Manager  - Sea Island Resort

When it comes to the difference between corporate events and weddings... emotions have a lot to do with it. So is your marketing geared towards that?

Marketing is not just telling your companies story of "why you do what you do". But more importantly - it's hearing the bride & grooms story.

Carly has a great reminder for the bride and groom to choose marriage over wedding.

Wedding Vendors - Take Your Job Seriously, and The World Will Notice with Clark Hilton

Clark Hilton Rusticus Films

Clark went to school for real estate, but pinpointed what his passion was - and went after it.

One of the reasons he's so successful, is because he takes his work VERY seriously. He puts a lot of weight on his literally and figuratively. He puts so much detail and thought into his work, that it can be a little stressful (or definitely was at the beginning) But his end result is breathtaking.

We talk about how drones have changed the game for wedding videography.

Drinks Before The Ceremony and Partial Seating Discussion with Steven Dickson

Steven Dickson - Private Events Manager - Atlanta History Center

  • Working in the wedding industry can be one of the most fulfilling jobs out there.     
  • Steven has no shame in telling you why he doesn't like partial seating. 
  • Trading services can be an economical and efficient way of marketing. 

Katie Huebel Asks Will You Like Your Wedding 20 Years From Now?

Katie V. Huebel  - Owner & Founder  - WED

An amazing interview Katie Huebel, the owner and founder of WED, an event design firm in Charleston, South Carolina.

  •  Katie shares with me the difference between a wedding planner and an event designer.
  • Branding is important - and the name of your company can paint you in a corner.    
  • Tips for brides - Try to think through your design concept 20 years from now. What you like to see in your photo album 20 years from now.