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When it comes to selecting your wedding songs, what works for your house party and road trip playlists WILL NOT work for your wedding…

  • * Songs that sound great while driving down the road, may be a dance floor killer… songs that you thought were a “sure hit” may not have the energy and beat that you were hoping for to get people up and moving. 

  • * Your wedding guests will more than likely vary in age and musical tastes. For example, your aunt Sue LOVES to dance! But she only likes disco!  Meanwhile you and your friends have your own style you love.

  • *Obviously playing a cocktail hour playlist during the dance party would be a DISASTER. Most people don’t consider the different environments that require different songs. 

The bottom line? There’s a lot of pressure picking your perfect wedding songs. It can make or break your vibe. 

LUCKILY a group of wedding DJs are sharing their secret wedding playlists with you today. The series of playlists are compiled from over 1,000 weddings they've recently DJ'd. 

* BEST Ceremony Music Playlist.

* BEST Cocktail Hour Playlist.

* BEST Special Dance Songs.

* BEST High Energy Dance Songs.

* BEST Classic Dance Songs.

Grab this free download where we’ll pull back the curtain on the “secret” playlists top wedding DJ's are using to pack dance floors across the country.