Frequently Asked Questions

Nice Entertainment's CEO, Hans Daniels, answers a few common questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, drop us a line anytime. 

Live Mix DJ's

Question: My fiance and I have talked and have a few questions about the "live mixing." What does that entail?
Answer: "Live mixing" means that it is not a pre-determined playlist. But it does not mean that every song is a “mash-up”. We will be reading the crowd from one song to the next and transition between original songs keeping the flow of the party continuous.

Question: Does that involve putting a dance beat on the back of say, an Oasis jam?
Answer: We rarely play mashups or remixes. If we do, it will only be one and usually later in the event. But it’s all about reading the crowd. If the crowd is digging mashups, we will play them all night. But I've never seen a crowd love more than one or two mashups.