It's Not About Us

Our number one goal for each wedding, no matter the venue/location/date/big or small, is to make sure you, the bride and groom, as well as your guests, have one of the most unique and elegant nights of your lives! The focus is solely on your beautiful moment and creating stories that will be told for years to come. 

Let's be clear: It's never about the DJ!

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Is Nice Entertainment for you?

If you're like me, when I got married, you're looking for unique, elegant, & reliable entertainment ...entertainment that provides lifelong memories. Not just a DJ pressing play.

The trouble is, you're not sure who to trust. Right?

Who is actually going to provide the best service?

I have a hinting suspicion that you (just like I did when I got married) are currently going about the process all wrong.

Let me ask you... are you looking at several DJ websites, filling out all their forms, and hoping the perfect match will happen. 

Sorry... That probably won't work. 🤔

What we've found really works well, is talking one-on-one with the DJ to see if he's a good fit. 

You can click the link below to receive packages, pricing and also schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us right now. No strings attached. No pressure to book. Just a fun conversation to get to know each other a little better. 😀

“Nice Entertainment was so easy to work with and helped make our wedding such a night to remember! Nick was the DJ for our wedding and we were so pleased with how organized and on top of things he was. The online system they have makes picking your favorite songs super easy. The week of the wedding he called to double check timelines and make sure there wasn’t anything we were forgetting. On the day of, he kept everything flowing and right on schedule. I would recommend them again and again! I would pay double to have them do our wedding again!”
— Claudia (The Knot)
“Nice Entertainment was recommended to us and they were great! Very professional, organized, attentive and talented. They had a detailed online questionnaire and area to submit songs that helped me be even more organized. The day of the wedding, Trey was very discreet and sweet when he touched base with me on my wants and needs. It ended up being a little chilly that evening, but everyone was still out on the dance floor having a blast!”
— Vicki (Wedding Wire)

About our prices

You'll find that we are not the cheapest in Atlanta or the South, nor are we the most expensive. Experience, dedication, and our passion for making everything about YOU means we have spent a little more than normal on the perfect lighting, sound, equipment, and professional musicians. This means you will experience and feel the joy of the event and maybe even shed a tear or two as you both look back on your perfect night.

Click below to learn more about our packages and pricing that will make your event a night to remember.

Next Step

Your wedding is a big, BIG deal! No matter which package you would like, let’s set up a meeting. Simply choose a time that you and your fiance are able to meet with one of our client consultants and we'll start talking about how our team of DJs can make your wedding memorable. We hope to have the privilege of meeting you face-to-face so we can clearly understand your dream and vision for your BIG day... and so that we can help you make it an amazing reality.