Podcast Guest Prep

Thanks for being a guest on Nice Weddings Podcast!

We want this to be super easy & fun

The main thing to remember is this is a normal conversation, not a rehearsed script, or (even worse) reading responses 😱. 


Below is a list of questions that we will cover. Be prepared to go down a few rabbit holes, laugh (a lot), tell stories, and be conversational. Please take a listen to a few past podcasts to know what to expect. 

1) Tell me about yourself and how you got into weddings?

2) What’s your weekday routine? (if you’ve got one?)

3) Business: Marketing & Branding - How do you get gigs?

4) Lightning Round (I’ll ask 3 or 4 really random questions)

5) Trends you've seen / Bride Advice / Things that work - or don't work?

6) What’s the #1 Thing that makes a great wedding?

7) How can other vendors be more helpful & efficient when working with you?

Most Important Prep: 

Please be in a quiet place. No 🚂' 's 

Plugged in headphones sound the best for recording. 🎧

I'll check a few quick things once we get on the call before we start recording. ✅ ✅ ✅

This will be so relaxed & easy, it's like calling your grandma :)

From the entire Nice Entertainment family...

Thank You!!!