Welcome to Nice Entertainment. We are your alternative to the cheesy wedding DJ.

The video below is a recorded testimonial of a bride we recently worked with. 

Nice Entertainment's Mission: Create Amazing Lifelong Memories!

We are able to create amazing lifelong memories for you by focusing on key moments that go by in a blur (for you). But because of our training and experience, we always focus on these key moments and help them stick by adding energy and excitement to an already awesome day! 


We keep the focus on you and inject energy into the event with music and tasteful MC'ing.

  • No yelling on the mic.
  • Never too much talking.
  • Leading the crowd without show-boating.

Packages include:

 DJ, Live Musicians, Ceremony Services, Photo Booth and video booth...

Ask about our Mansion Package! It includes DJ + Sax + Percussionist + (your choice) Photo Booth or slow video booth.