DJ For A Wedding

The video above is painful to watch.  The problem is that the DJ and MC are way out of their league.  They were not prepared for mishaps, and they broke the number one rule in wedding DJ’ing - “No Awkward Silence”.

The truth is, you are bound to have mishaps.   Something crazy always seems to happen at the most inopportune time; Computers freeze up, mixers come unplugged, groomsmen pass out, brides gown takes too long to be bustled - haha maybe not groomsmen pass out.  But you get the picture.  It doesn’t ALWAYS go 100% smooth.  

When hiring the DJ for a wedding, you must know that - The pro DJ has a backup plan just in case.  And a seasoned pro has a backup for his backup plan.

Here are a few examples of Nice Guys DJ’s awkward silence safety net:

  1. ipod backup

    Anytime the computer shuts down, or anything delays the game plan - Immediately throw on a vocal jazz premix, and all seems right in the world.

  2. smartphone backup

    Cell phones are basically little computers - I have DJ’d an entire party from my phone.  And no one knew ;)

  3. use the mic

    As long as there is some sound coming out the speakers - awkward silence has been defeated.  One example was a rare occasion when my whole system crashed and I quickly handed the mic to the coolest looking dude on the dance floor and said “sing something”.  He smiled, turned to the crowd, and they all sang together “Oh baby you - you got what I need - you say he’s just a friend - you say he’s just a friend”.  It was a hit!  But I'll probably never do it again haha.

Question:  How do you hire the best DJ for a Wedding?  

  • Hire professionals with a proven track record.

What are a couple ways you can tell if the DJ for your wedding is a true pro?  

  • Check their website & read reviews

  • Talk to them over the phone

  • But, the #1 way to see if the DJ is the real deal is to meet him/her in person.  

    Give Nice Guys DJ a call and schedule a meeting - we'd love to chat! 404-396-7303