The Vinings Club - A Hidden Gym

Recently - Nice Guys DJ got to entertain the folks at The Vinings Club in Atlanta. This place was amazing!

I would consider myself "in the know" about cool spots in the ATL - but this place had gone off my radar.  

The view is breathtaking (see my poor attempt of picture taking below).  It's classy, swanky, and historic. When I was bringing in equipment, some random dude gave me a civil war history lesson about the advantage of having this hill that overlooked Atlanta.  

So without further adieu - some pictures. Wait actually first I want to note real quick - we got the gig through our friend Julie Vaughn.  

Juli Vaughn Designs 








walking in


the view


 Zoomed in


This setup is the "basic package" with lights added. See all packages here 



Here is a picture of me taking a picture outside when it was dark out.  Bad reflection