4 Very Alternative Wedding Gifts to Put on Your Registry

One of the best parts of getting married is totally planning your gift registry (like stocking your entire kitchen with Le Creuset everything!). Forget the ceremony, bring on the gifts!

In all seriousness, gifts are obviously not the highlight of the wedding, but it has become a big thing for a lot of couples -- and that’s great. It’s a fantastic way to stock your home with the things you’ll use for years and years, especially things you’d may not buy yourself.


But going to Target and scanning everything in the Kitchen and Home section may not be as satisfying as you’d think. So, we've generated four ideas that may help spark a creative way to ask people to contribute to your new marriage:

Embrace Philanthropy

There are a ton of great organizations who do terrific work. It’s pretty common for people to donate to charity in someone’s name, so why not bring that into your registry? You can either give people a list of charities you’d like them to donate to or leave it up to them. Honestly, there’s no wrong way to go about giving to charity.

Put An Artist to Work

Unique, personalized art is really a cool way to decorate your newly shared house, and by asking people to help you commission a piece of art as a wedding gift is a great way to go about doing that. There are a ton of talented artists around and some are really excited about working (i.e. getting paid), so they may be cheaper than going to the art gallery.

Home Improvement

It’s said the best gift you can give someone is your time and energy, so why not ask your friends and family to help you finish that home project you’ve been putting off. Maybe you need something rewired and you don’t have the expertise to, but your buddy from college does. Sounds like a good gift to us for him or her to help out.

Pro tip: don’t get too crazy with your asks. Painting a fence is cool, building a barn is not… unless, you know, your friends love barns. Also, maybe stock the fridge with beer.


We’re confident your friends and family know some cool trades or have some unique skills. Maybe those skills line up with something that you’ve wanted to learn. Let’s say your friend is an excellent photographer and you have an interest in learning -- why not ask them to teach you? If you wrap it as a wedding present, there’s a solid chance it’ll actually happen.

Another idea is giving the gift of an awesome wedding DJ! Music makes or breaks a wedding so it shouldn’t be overlooked like that Target spatula on aisle three. Drop Nice Entertainment a line today and we’ll share how we’ve made hundreds of weddings memorable