Father of the Bride

Getting it right on the day is easy, here are a few ideas to help.

This is your big day too, and so it is very important to get it right. You have seen your daughter pass through all the stages of life and now, thanks largely to your being a great Dad, she is about to embark upon her greatest adventure in life, and because you are a great Dad you want to do your very best to make her special day wonderful in every way.

There is no great mystery about how to make the day a fabulous occasion.  Nice Guys DJ of Atlanta Ga want to show their support, so we have assembled a few ideas to help out.

Planning. Planning is key. However, don't forget to involve the stars of the event. Dads can get carried away with the excitement, Moms too. Before you book the biggest and best venue in town ask the Bride and Groom to be what they want. Then, sit down together with a note pad and pen and organize a plan, a time-line helps, guys, just as you may do at work. Work back from the actual day of the wedding to the present. Not cool? Maybe, but it works, why not be as professional in this as you are in your professional life?

Budgeting. Once you have a plan, work out what you are prepared to spend. Fix a limit beyond which you will not go, then stick to it. You are not being disrespectful by watching the dollars, no point in going broke in the process. Once you have a basic plan and a sum that you are prepared to spend you are well on your way.

The guest list. Discuss with the family who is to be invited. You may want to make a list, then go through with a marker pen and highlight the ones you actually want to invite, and do not forget Great Aunt Mabel.

The Venue.  Are your couple getting married at home, the Country Club, the

Golf Club, or a religious place of worship? Check the plan, check the budget, get a written quotation, arrange the booking - get a written confirmation, mistakes happen but not if you are careful.

The wedding reception. This is the big day. You have done most of the work,

time to let your hair down and have fun, dance with the bride and cry a little. Most folk's single memory, apart from how beautiful the bride was on the day, is the party after. You know the tastes in music of your family, as part of your plan engage 'Nice Guys DJ' to make your special occasion go with a swing.


Tell us if there are 'special' pieces that you want to have played, we are more than happy to oblige.

The speech. Many people fret for months about speaking in public at 'the

wedding'. No need. Some tips for you.

'Kiss' (Keep it simple stupid). You know more about the bride than any man alive. Talk about the things you did, the young woman that she became.

Keep clear of embarrassing stories about the bride - she may not be amused. Do not tell bad jokes, they will cause offense and people will remember the wedding for all the wrong reasons.

Stay clear of embarrassing your wife - she may not be amused, and wives have long memories ...

Keep it short, all present want to party, some want to dance, some want to get to the bar, so short and sweet, please.

Finally, enjoy. Enjoy the music, embrace your loved ones and dance the night away.