Get Your Freak On - Find the Best DJ for Halloween

There are a couple days a year where anyone & everyone that calls themselves a DJ can get a gig.  One of those dates if quickly approaching. Halloween!
Yes, a lot of ghosts, goblins, and Charlie Sheen look-a-likes need their feel of Bass Down Low.

So, what to do? What to do?  Who do you get?

First, we'll start with who NOT to get in this EASY to remember, three step guide:
  1. "No Sub, No Fun!"
  • DJ Lights make the night!
  • Don't hire an old, nerdy, drunk guy with weird hair!
  • Now that we all know the secret 3 step guide of who NOT to hire.  Let's look at who to hire:

    1. They have a subwoofer!
    2. They have awesome DJ Lights!
    3. They are not old or nerdy.  They do not DJ drunk. And, their hair is somewhat normal.
    Who am I speaking of?  "Nice Guys DJ" of course!  For the next five days type in promo code BABYBOY and get 20% off Halloween party.
    Nice Guys DJ
    Atlanta, Georgia
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