Make It Saxy!

Have a live saxophonist at your party!

This has been around for some time, but you may not have known about it.  The uber-cool and luxurious have been doing this at parties for years.  Now Nice Guys DJ has this amazing addition for any and every party!

Here's how it works.
You take, for example, the man, the myth, the legend - Norm Ficke (professional saxophonist who recently played with Actor/Musician Dennis Quaid).   Norm plugs into my turntables through a  mic input.  This new cutting edge technology allows me to sample his sax (and scratch) live at a party.  Not only can I sample Norm's sax, he can play along with any and every style of music.  Yes, Norm is pretty much the man!
At your next party, why not add the one-two punch?  Knock out your guests with Nice Guys DJ and Norm Ficke on saxophone!
CLICK HERE to get started with your party plans.  (Note: Shows book well in advance.)