MP3 Wedding

My husband and I had a tight budget for our wedding, so we thought we would save money by using an MP3 for music.  We had discussed this with some friends who had used an MP3 during their wedding, and they recollected that the music was barely loud enough for anyone to hear so no one danced.  Another friend said that an MP3 wedding they attended was so mellow that it just felt like a dinner party.  At the last minute, we changed our minds and decided to hire Hans to DJ our wedding.  We both agree that hiring Hans was the BEST money spent on the entire wedding because he made our wedding a real party - a true celebration!  The dance floor was packed the entire night, and so many people commented to me about what a great job he did.  He read the crowd perfectly, knew just the right song to play and when, and was not attention-seeking like other DJs I've seen.  I loved seeing my friends and family laughing and enjoying the evening, and it definitely would not have been the same without Hans.  He was super easy to work with, made great suggestions about songs to play, and was really accommodating.  Splurge on the music and hire Hans - it will be the best money you will spend on your wedding!!

A quick Youtube search and you can find some amazing DJ performances!!