The Jewelry Designer Analogy

You wouldn't want your jewelry designer to specialize in only one kind of diamond cut.  So why would you want your DJ to specialize in one genre of music?

Back to the jeweler analogy.  You would want someone that has been well trained in every kind of diamond shape, cut, and style that is available.  You would even want the graduate gemologist (GG) to be well educated in diamond styles that you didn't know existed.

The more knowledgeable an artist is with his or her material, the more creative they can be with their art.

The material that I work with as a professional DJ is obviously music.  The more genres of music that I can arm my turntables with, the more I can create an amazing atmosphere for any and every party.

Here are some examples of parties I've DJ'd.
  • I've DJ'd belly dancing music all night at a HUGE house beside the governors mansion on West Paces Ferry.
  • I've DJ'd a 70 year old birthday party.
  • I've DJ'd at the mall (Phipps Plaza)
  • I've DJ'd lounge house music at a swanky club in midtown (Mid City Cafe).
  • I've DJ'd techno in downtown Detroit for a magazine party.
  • I've DJ'd top 40 songs in bars in Buckhead.
  • I've DJ'd dubstep at 16 year old birthday party.
  • I've DJ'd romantic jazz like Frank Sinatra & Michael Buble for early wedding receptions.
  • I've DJ'd in a restaurant in Smyrna.
  • I've DJ'd old school hip hop, funk, 80's, disco, drum n bass, tech house, dubstep, current top 40, oldies.
  • I've DJ'd the top of the W Hotel downtown.
  • I've DJ'd with a sax player.
  • I've DJ'd flawlessly smooth wedding receptions (two in one day in 2009)
  • Last but not least I've DJ'd a 5k race at 7am!
Go with the DJ that has "been-there-and-done-that"!  Go with Nice Guys DJ.