"The Story"

Every good business should start with a story and boy do I have one...

How it all got started...
As my minutes-to-be wife stepped out ready to walk down the aisle, I looked over at my friend and gave him the nod. This is the moment I had been waiting for.
I was envisioning her in her white dress practically floating down the aisle to the music we picked out and that’s when it happened. The Love Shack.  It happened. Loudly!
I look at the crowd hoping they didn’t hear what I was hearing. The seconds it was playing felt like an eternity. Thankfully the B52’s were quickly extinguished and replaced with Canon in D. You hear about things going wrong at your wedding... This was just the first thing. Earlier in the year one of my groomsmen and I made a deal. I would DJ his wedding and he would DJ mine.  It sounded great at the time, but you can imagine the disaster that ensued. Let’s just say that the night didn’t turn out like I had in my head. I will spare you all the details for now, but bottom line is he didn’t realize DJing a wedding is different than DJing a club or a house party. A LOT different!

This is the night that Nice Guys DJ became a thought.

  • What if there was a DJ who understands a wedding timeline?
  • What if there was a DJ who knows how to interact with and read a diverse crowd?
  • What if there was a DJ who loved consulting with the bride and groom beforehand to make sure he knows how to capture the vision they have for their night?

So I started doing my research.  I began speaking with newly married couples asking what they liked and disliked about their wedding DJ.  The number one response in the dislike category was “Cheesy DJ”.  I also noticed as I attended weddings that no DJ had the complete package - He might be good on the mic, and play terrible music.  Or his music selection might be great, but the visual presentation poor.

I desired to be that complete wedding DJ package. Learning from some of the best coordinators and from my own experience, I have developed a sense for the new traditional wedding timeline as well as the most unconventional. My performance background has helped shape me as a wedding MC. Making the transitions in your wedding seamless and fun. I know it has been a successful night when the guests are begging for an encore of more songs when it’s time for the last dance.
One thing I love most is hearing the stories about the couple and really listening to their vision for their day.  The DJ service that I provide is about a relationship with my clients - not just a transaction.

Today, Nice Guys DJ is one of Atlanta’s most sought out wedding entertainers.

We would love nothing more than to make your wedding the "Night of Your Life!"

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Mission: To provide a unique entertainment experience with a touch of elegance and class each and every time we perform.  "Unique, Elegant, Reliable"

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