The Story: How It All Got Started

It started in 2007.  I was a young, excited man about to get married.  I had two jobs for the wedding; Get the preacher & get the music.  I figured the music wouldn't be a big deal since I was the king of house parties and knew what songs I wanted.  So I simply chose my brother-in-law to DJ the ceremony and my buddy to DJ the reception.  

You can imagine the errors in my planning.

My bother-in-law, bless his heart, somehow got the CD's mixed up and started the "Love Shack" when the wedding party started walking down the isle (luckily my wife missed that part).  As far as the reception, my friend had already changed out of his tux into shorts and a white tee shirt (ew).  He failed to announce the wedding party as we entered (ouch!).  Oh, and he also decided he was getting tired and exited the party leaving me to DJ my own wedding (WHAT!).

I really can't blame my brother-in-law or my friend.  I actually give them BIG props for giving it a go.  I'm sure they were super nervous and did it because they cared about me.  The problem was simple; They were not wedding DJ's.

After that dramatic experience I decided to start my own wedding DJ service.  I had to make sure that every announcement, every transition, and every song cue went perfectly smooth. My personal goal was to make each event to be a memorable one (in a positive way).