To Beach or Not to Beach: Pros and Cons of Beach Weddings

It’s officially summer and you can finally put on those white linen pants you got on sale in December. And in those white pants, you can begin planning your trip to the beach (there was much rejoicing).


There is almost nothing better than a cold drink on a beautiful beach in the summer. The waves, the sand, the breeze, the seagulls trying to get the remainder of your turkey sandwich -- summer beach trips have it all!

But instead of just vacationing there, you may be thinking about a wedding in the surf and sand. We are all for beach weddings (we love the beach -- looking at you, Charleston) and they can be gorgeous and everything you want. But, they can also be a huge pain, both before and during the event.

Let’s do the run down of some pros and cons of beach weddings:

Pro: It’s beautiful

Seriously, whether you’re in Florida or New England or the Virgin Islands, the beach can be an insanely beautiful backdrop for your wedding. Imagine the photos you will have forever of you and your spouse as the sun sets over the water, with a soft, moving shimmer as the waves break at your feet. Honestly, it’ll be so beautiful, you could hire your cousin Ronnie (the same guy who took that one community college photography class) to take photos at your wedding and they’d still come out great.

Con: Other people enjoy that beauty

Depending on where you have your wedding, the beach could be crazy crowded, especially if it’s public. Imagine you’re saying “I do” and three fraternity brothers are shotgunning beers 50 feet away. Not a great setting for romance. If you’re going the beach route, do your research and maybe reach out to someone who’s already done it to ensure you’re getting the right information.

Pro: It’s way more casual

If you’re a casual kind of person, a beach wedding may be right up your alley -- you don’t even have to wear shoes if you don’t want to! Beach weddings are traditionally more casual than their indoors counterparts (for obvious reasons), and your guests may be pretty pumped about it, too. Saying “I do” with your toes curled up in the sand is a major win in our book. Plus, everyone looks great in linen.

Con: Planning can get painful

Planning a beach wedding can be pretty stressful, which is the total opposite of beach life. Unless the beach you’re planning on getting married on is right down the street, odds are you’re planning the event remotely. You may not get a look at the beach, the reception area or even meet the photographer or DJ in person before the event. Just be mindful of the process before committing.

These are just a few things to think about if you’re in the market for a beachfront wedding. If you do end up with a beach wedding, Nice Entertainment can help ease those cons by coming with you. We don’t mind traveling to the beach and would love to talk with you about working out a deal to tag along. Drop us a line if you’re thinking about a beach wedding -- worst case scenario we share some tips from beach weddings we’ve done in the past.