3 Creative Bridesmaids Gifts that Won’t Suck

Groomsmen are easy to say “thanks for being in my wedding” to: just hand them a flask with some whisky or take them golfing (yes, we’re stereotyping a bit here... it's cool) and they’re good to go. The ladies, however, have a ton more room for creativity, so we think you should embrace your creative side and wow your bridesmaid. So take our advice and think beyond the letter necklace or monogrammed bag.

bridesmaids gift ideas

That being said, here are few examples of some really awesome, creative bridesmaids gifts you can give your wedding crew. Trust us, they’ll be pretty stoked to get any of these.

Give them an Experience

While we all like receiving gifts, sometimes material gifts have a short shelf life. Giving experiences, however, have the power to create a memory that will last forever. That’s pretty sweet if you ask us.

Ideas for experiences are basically endless. Do you have a band that you and your wedding party are super into? Buy everyone tickets to the show and go together. Love college football? Plan a tailgate and surprise everyone with tickets to the game. Want to see “The Nutcracker” at The Fox this winter? Go with your girls! Your bridesmaids will appreciate the thought and it’ll give them something else to look forward to.

Plus, memories based on group experiences make for great conversations at future dinner.

A Curated ‘wedding Survival’ pack

This borders on stereotypical, but hear us out. Imagine a really awesome clutch filled with a wedding day “survival” kit: a tiny map of the grounds, an airplane bottle of champagne or gin, nail polish, roll-on perfume, mints, etc. Yes, we know that this is a pretty standard bridesmaids gift, but there is an easy to spice it up.

Instead of picking the same clutch for everyone, or monogramming one for each of your bridesmaids, what if you went shopping together? That’s right, go on a shopping excursion, filled with lunch and drinks and everyone can pick whatever clutch they want (as long as it goes with the dress and is in the budget range).

Not only does this give you a chance to hang out with your ladies (you could also do this one-on-one), but everyone gets what they want.

Be a part of the club

We agree that this is the most expensive of the three options, but a year subscription to a monthly club is the a great way to show your closest how much you care. Clubs send things like flowers, dog toys, vinyl records, clothes, or wine, so you can tailor each subscription to your bridesmaid depending on their interests.

Not only will they be super stoked up front, but with each monthly package they’ll smile and remember how awesome you are. Can you pass that up? We thought not.

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