Who's ready for some friendly competition?

"My ring is bigger than yours." OK so no girl is actually saying this, but you know that in their head this is what they are thinking as soon as they ask to see another girl's engagement ring. And this is where it starts. So what exactly am I referring to? Competition. The competition for the prettiest dress, the best venue, the coolest decor, etc. After all who doesn't want to have the absolute most glamorous wedding that all the bloggers in the world are dying to write about? I know I sure did! 

So who exactly is the competition? I think it is clear. It happens to be our sisters, friends, colleagues and those dang pinterest boards we follow. I mean how are we going to live up to that, right? It's no secret that leading up to our wedding, every time we go to one, we are sizing it up and thinking about things that we loved, or in some cases, didn't really care for. Things that we would like to recreate (in our own way of course) and things that we absolutely will NOT do. Now let's not forget about our biggest competition: ourselves! Yes us! We check out pinterest (over and over) for all the latest and coolest trends (rustic, neutrals, burlap anyone?) that we simply must have or we might die! We look through magazines for hours making sure we read every article and double check the pages for things we might have missed. We scroll through countless blogs looking at the pioneer brides in awe who have made their inner vision come to life. We spend all this time to make sure that we have every last detail in place because after all it is our big day and it must reek with utmost perfection or else!! 
All of this planning and doing might be one of the highlights of getting married but let's remember. When we walk down that ever so cleverly decorated aisle, we get to say YES to the man of our dreams. It is in that moment whether we knew we were competing or not- we have won!