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Christmas Present Ideas for Your Favorite Engaged Couple

If you are buying presents for a newly-engaged couple, check it out. While there are countless options and plenty of pre-wedding gifts to give a couple, we wanted to focus on one them: experiences over things.

My Story: Part Two - The Question

Mary and I had been talking about travelling to Europe together for some time (we’d both been separately, on a few occasions, but never as a pair) and once we struck gold with the flight deals, we landed in the Netherlands in late-September. The plan was to split time between Amsterdam and Paris, and once our plan all was booked, I started coming up with “my plan.”

Types of Wedding Venues: What’s Right for You?

The wedding venue you choose will, a lot of times, determine the date of your wedding, how many people can show up, what sort of catering options you’d like, and how far your budget can stretch. It’s quite simply the epicenter of the planning process.

It’s Not That Scary: Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Guest List

We’re not saying it’s “easy” to choose a guest list -- it really varies from one event to the next -- but there are things you can do ahead of time to help the process out. So, sit back, eat some of that candy you’re supposed to be passing out to kids, and check out some of these helpful tips for choosing a wedding guest list.