Types of Wedding Venues: What’s Right for You?

The wedding venue you choose will, a lot of times, determine the date of your wedding, how many people can show up, what sort of catering options you’d like, and how far your budget can stretch. It’s quite simply the epicenter of the planning process.

It’s Not That Scary: Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Guest List

We’re not saying it’s “easy” to choose a guest list -- it really varies from one event to the next -- but there are things you can do ahead of time to help the process out. So, sit back, eat some of that candy you’re supposed to be passing out to kids, and check out some of these helpful tips for choosing a wedding guest list.

My Story: Part One - The Decision

On September 25, 2017 I asked my girlfriend the craziest question one person can ask another person. Her answer was “Yes!” This is the story of our engagement and subsequent wedding planning, in (mostly) real time, as told by me.

Should You Consider Using an iPod for Your Wedding Reception?

It’s a question we’re sure gets asked a lot during the wedding planning process: “Should we just opt for an iPod instead of hiring a wedding DJ or live music?” The answer is dependent on what type of event you want to have: a fun one or a potentially lame one.