Want a Fun Wedding? Follow this Guide


What’s the most important thing at a wedding? If you answered “Watching the bride and groom devote their lives to each other in a stunningly beautiful ceremony,” then you’d be wrong.

Kidding! Of course that’s the most important thing at a wedding -- it’s why everyone is even there! But apart from being witness to two people dedicate to each other, an important factor for a good wedding is simple: it’s supposed to be fun!

It’s supposed to be fun for the bride and groom. It’s supposed to be fun for the family of each. It’s supposed to be fun for all the guests. It’s supposed to be fun for everyone! And the good weddings are the ones that embrace this.

But, it doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, many of the most fun weddings we’ve been to have had a few things in common. And guess what? We’re going to share them with you.

If you can find ways to make these things work at your wedding, odds are that your guests (and you) will walk away very happy and will share stories for years to come.

Music. Music. Music.

Seriously, this can be overstated. Good music -- that everyone can dance to -- is important to get the party started and to keep it going! A lot of couples can push the music down the priority list, but it’s good music that keeps the energy up, people in one area, and grooving for hours!

There are few ways to make sure your dance floor is packed all night:

  • Make sure the dance floor is close to the bar. It’s no secret that a little liquid courage goes a long way.

  • Lead the charge! Who’s going to dance if you’re not dancing? Get out there a cut yourself a major rug.

  • Hire a rocking DJ. Great wedding DJs know how to keep the energy up and read the room. Trust us, it’s important.


StockSnap_LTPQAWGV99 (1).jpg

To hit the dance floor all night you have to be properly fueled up. But no boring meal will do in 2018! Food at a wedding has become increasingly more important and we can’t complain at all! Gone are the days where you can get away with pre-ordered meat-and-three (fish, chicken, or steak…), so make sure your food game is on point.

You don’t have to go too crazy and it can be super simple. Just make sure it’s fun and a reflection of you as a couple and you’ll be good. Here are some great ideas that real couples went for (we can totally get down with a beer and pretzel bar).

Pro tip: if the party is going late, make sure to have some late night grub available. Food trucks, pizza, Waffle House… doesn’t matter. Late night food is the best food. No one denies this.

Short and Sweet

When it comes to creating a fun environment, it’s be not to break up the party with long, drawn out traditions (looking at you, cake cutting). While we get that people dig the traditional stuff, sometimes if can break up a really fun party -- and we all know it’s hard to get that back once it gets cold.

Plan out your wedding ceremony and reception and really think about how long each thing will take: ceremony, photos, introduction, first dance, throwing of the bouquet, cake cutting, toasts, etc. Put together, those events can eat up hours of an event. Wouldn’t you rather be partying with your family and friends?

Nothing is right nor wrong here, just something to think about. Plus, we’re not the only ones suggesting it.



Want to do a surprise launch of fireworks at the end (or middle) of your reception? DO IT! Keeping people on their toes is the essence of fun and we totally support it. No, it doesn’t have to be fireworks (but it can be), but just think about what your guest would love to do and maybe not expect.

Perform a song with the band. Saber a bottle of champagne. Breakdance (80s style) in your wedding dress. All of these are great ideas and are bound to get some awesome reactions!

However you envision your wedding, we’re here to help keep the party alive and fun! We have provided DJ services for hundreds of fun weddings and have some great insight into how to make yours really great!