3 Tips to Help Make Your Wedding Super Fun and Memorable

It goes without saying that weddings are no doubt a very memorable moment in a person’s (and couple’s -- obviously) life and that memory should be one of absolute fun, for both you, your spouse, and everyone else who shows up for the party. But super fun weddings don’t just happen without a little bit of forethought.

fun wedding ideas

So, we enlisted the help of some of the best minds in the game and have some major tips on how to ramp up the fun at your wedding and wedding reception. Remember, these are just idea generators, so take them and make them your own. We have a feeling you have your own fun ideas!

Awesome Music

This may come as no surprise for you, but we’re pretty passionate about good music and creating an environment, through our wedding entertainment, that everybody and get down to. Packed dance floors and memorable (and photogenic) moments are our specialties, so there is no doubt as to why we put this as a priority.

Speaking of priority, we think you should put music, dance, and entertainment as a top priority for your wedding. It’s been said music is the most memorable thing at a wedding and you’ll want to see Aunt Cathy cutting some rugs after dinner. Trust us -- it’s awesome.

Pro tip: make sure your dance floor, and area around it, is lit properly. A good wedding DJ or wedding planner can help walk you through what that may look like. Lighting is important.

Creative Food

Long gone are the days of grilled chicken, potatoes, likely of the mashed variety, and some sort of green accompaniment. Instead of serving food that feels like it’s cooked for the masses, use a little creativity. There are so many ideas to choose from and about the same number of caterers in the area that are more than willing to make it happen.

Food is likely the second most memorable part of a wedding for your guests (sorry vows) and you should totally have some fun with it. Want a waffle bar? Go for it! Tacos? Sure! Heck, feel free to throw some corn dogs on a stick and see what happens. If it jives with you and it’s not boring, we say go for it!

Pro tip: if you plan on going after the fun for a while, make sure your guests don’t get hungry during the late-night affair. Nothing will kill a party like the mention of a Waffle House run. Pizza is a good option… always. Or food trucks.

Guest Interaction is Key

A good way to make sure your wedding is fun is by including everybody in the fun! Your guests know the day is about your and your spouse, so don’t worry about losing the spotlight. But we can bet that your wedding is more fun when you make everyone feel a part of the special day.

There are more than a few ways to do this, but some ideas can be putting song requests on invitations or creatively asking for advice from your guests -- think Mad Libs or some fun/quirky question prompt. Your guest will have a blast with it and you’ll get a kick out of it after the event.

There are no right or wrong ways to have fun at your wedding and that’s the beauty of it -- it’s totally up to you! There are plenty of resources online to help you plan, but if it feels overwhelming, drop us a line and let’s chat about making it easier. And remember: always have fun!