You Want these Flowers at Your Spring Wedding

Let’s face it: you’re going to have flowers at your wedding. You may claim that you’re not going to make it a focus or that you’d rather spend your budget on something else, like beer. But we all know that when push comes to shove, you’re going to want a sweet bounty of beautiful flowers at your Spring wedding.

Hey, listen, we’re all about it -- we think flowers are great and if you’re hosting a Spring wedding those bad boys can really pull together the theme. And if you’re looking to do it on a budget, well, we got you there too!


Feel free to pluck some of these ideas for your Spring wedding:


While this flower may not be the cheapest option around, it’s incredibly beautiful and not only represents beauty, but can really class up your centerpieces. This flower comes in a variety of pastels, so it’s versatile and likely to meet any color concept.


These white-petaled flowers are a great, inexpensive option for Spring wedding flowers. Not only do they really embrace the Spring theme, the petals can be dyed various colors to match your design.

Baby’s Breath

These delicate bunches of flowers are great for accenting your outdoor wedding. They’re bountiful in the Spring and won’t break the bank. (And baby’s breath is a fun name for flowers).


Much like the baby’s breath, lilac is a delicate but gorgeous option to adorn your wedding with. An added benefit is it smells wonderful.


This late-Spring blooming flower is an affordable option for wedding planners who are looking for class meets season. That, and they can go in most arrangements and have one of the longest post-cut lifespans of any flower makes these flowers a go-to for planners.

Flowers can totally make your event look the part, but without great entertainment, your wedding may not reach its fullest potential. Drop Nice Entertainment a line and let us talk to you about how we can make your wedding memorable. Hey, we may even bring flowers to our meeting!