Our NICE Spring Wedding Ideas

Should we just go ahead and get all the allergy references out of the way?

Yup, let’s go for it:

Hey y’all, it’s finally Spring and cars in the South look like they took a bath in yellow-dyed powdered sugar. We hope you upped your stock in Allegra and have ingested enough local honey to put your adopted bee through four years of private bee college. But don’t let the clouds of sneeze-inducing flower by-product keep you from planning your wedding for the Spring. Seriously, don’t -- it’s an incredible time to get married (as long as your wedding guests are gifted with Claritin).

And... scene! 

But seriously, if you’re planning a Spring wedding, we’d love to share some of our ideas to help you throughout the planning process.


Embrace the Color!

Don’t be afraid to add a splash (or splashes) of color to your wedding this year. Here are 10 color ideas that are in this year, courtesy of Pantone. A combination of vividness and subtlety are sure lead the way for weddings this year.


Seasonal Menu

Spring is a great time to embrace a seasonal menu and work with your caterer to make your dinner look like a local farmer’s market. From fruit to vegetables, there are plenty of great menu ideas that crop up in Spring.

(Note: it is crawfish season, so a low country boil is a great and awesome way to feed the masses… and it’s uniquely Southern).



If you’re looking for an uber-formal wedding, then we say go for it! But, if you want to align your event with the season, consider dressing your wedding party down a bit. Remember those Spring colors? Incorporate those while also thinking about different ideas (think rain boots, searsucker suits, etc.).

We love providing DJ entertainment for Spring weddings in Atlanta and would be stoked to join yours! Drop us a line and we’ll start our NICE conversation!