Wedding Season is Coming!

While some are looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones this Spring (why Jon Snow?… WHY!?!?!) others are looking forward to the day when they say “I do.” And trust us, they’ll want your opinion during the planning process, so you had better make it a worthwhile one.

Over the next few months, embrace news feeds full of happy wedding photos, engagement posts and brunch conversations revolving around wedding planning. But don’t worry, fret or stress if you get dragged into the forthcoming bombardment of nuptial dialogues -- we have you covered.

Offer some interesting and usable thoughts on the big day by taking note of some of these talking points of some of the best wedding trends of 2016:

Family Style Receptions

Yes, family style receptions are not new in 2016, but will garner more popularity than their formal dinner counterpart. This stems from couples wanting a more “homier" feel and this kind of reception can be hugely successful in creating that environment. That, and your guests are more likely to make some new friends out of new family.

Comfort Food

Speaking of creating a “homey” feel, comfort food could take the lead this year with couples focusing on making the ceremony and reception an extension of themselves and not solely a fancy party. We always say yes to grilled cheese and tomato soup!  

Sorry 80s Music

Millennials are tying the knot in droves, so it’s expected for them to celebrate with some classic hits. And, no, we’re not talking about the music that was popular when they were born, but those sweet jams the 90s gave us. If you don’t hear TLC at the next wedding you go to, then you’ve just chased a waterfall... Don't do that.

Rustic Chic

Industrial meets mountains meets city meets vogue -- this is what you can expect as the popular decor for 2016 weddings. It’s an attractive way to blend the elegance of the day with the comfort of the event. Couple that with some romantic lighting and you have an incredible backdrop for some sweet Instagram photos.

While these 2016 trends have the chance of staying around past this year, one thing that we know for sure is here to stay is quality entertainment. From DJs to live bands to top-tier photobooths, Nice Entertainment can ensure your event meets expectations. That, and we love weddings that embrace 90s music and serve grilled cheese sandwiches on wooden tables.