Engagement Parties: How to Make them Awesome

Congratulations! The big question has just been popped, champagne is flowing and now the only thing left to do is celebrate… and plan for a wedding… and an engagement party.

But don’t stress about all the planning that’s ahead, just pour some more bubbles in your flute, celebrate your love and leave the planning to us. (Well, not all of the planning, but we can totally give you some tips on how to make your party pretty sweet).

Engagement parties can be a great way to introduce your family to the happy married-couple-to-be and also a fun way to celebrate that commitment. There are no right ways to throw the party, just as long as it’s right for you. These parties can range from super formal to super casual and can take place minutes after the proposal (which is pretty en vogue right now) or months after saying “yes.”

However you choose to host your party, one thing is for sure: you’ll vibe with some of our ideas for throwing an engagement party. Check them out:


Let’s face it, you can only tell the engagement story to your aunts and uncles so many times before you want an out. Our suggestion is to plan some games for your guests (and yourself) to enjoy. Think about outdoor games, depending on the weather, including bocce, croquet, cornhole, etc. Board games also work well if you’re lacking in outdoor space. Seriously, Connect Four is still a blast.

Awesome Food

This one may seem like a given, but food at a party is like, well… food at a party: essential. If you’re going for a formal event, then we are all for it! But we suggest toning down the formality and opting for a casual get-together and go for something everyone will enjoy: BBQ. Yup, good ‘ole Southern BBQ is sure to be a big hit (and what goes better with a couple cold ones?). We suggest you look up Low Country Catering if you’re hankerin’ for great BBQ.


A popular way to throw engagement parties right now is by tapping into a them. This could range from “all white everything” to The Great Gatsby to summer boating. Whatever you choose, go all in! The Knot has come up with a great list that are sure to give you some awesome ideas (we liked the cooking class, BBQ and brunch idea… imagine if you combined the three? #mindblown). The key is to have a blast with this party and don’t take it too seriously -- it’s ultimately meant to be fun, not stressful.  

If you want to add a dance floor to your party, drop us a line at Nice Entertainment. We’d love to work out some details to do both your engagement party and wedding! Cheers and happy planning!