Wedding Planning: To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest?

Listen, we get it: Pinterest is a wonderful, large landscape for finding great ideas for anything you can think of. You want to know how to make Home Depot wood look like it’s from 1867? Hey, Pinterest is a good place to start. Hosting a Saturday afternoon cocktail party? There are about a million boards that can help you out. Planning a wedding? Well, that’s basically what Pinterest is for.

Pinterest can generate a TON of ideas while planning a wedding, but does that make it the be-all and end-all of the process? The answer is simple: it’s not that simple.

We love Pinterest -- let’s make that transparent -- and we think it’s a great tool to help with wedding planning and, with a little caution, can really help create an original and creative event. So, feel free to take some of our thoughts into your own process:

Do bounce ideas off of your planner and/or friends.

Pinterest makes it easy to share ideas with your online friends. Get some of your friends (whose opinion you trust) to follow your wedding board and give you some feedback. Not only does this give your friends a visual of what you’re thinking, they can provide visual and instant feedback from their three-hour search of Pinterest.

Don’t overdo the ideas.

It can be easy to ditch your ideas or your wants when getting into Pinterest searches. We suggest having an idea of what you want and cultivate that idea using the platform. If you rely 100 percent on Pinterest for ideas then your event may come off as hodgepodge and lack that personal appeal you’re looking for.

Do make it your own.

This may seem like a common theme, but we want to make sure it hits home. Pinterest is used for ideas, not directions. A large portion of the posts you see are professionally shot and implemented and can be hard to repurpose for your specific event. For instance, if you see a guest book where everyone takes Polaroids and writes a note, odds are it’s for a wedding with a small guest list. If your list is 150+, it could be hard to make work for your event. Maybe a photo booth is better for you.

Don’t forget to follow.

Fair warning: this is totally an advertisement for vendors, but we have our reasons. If you’re using Pinterest to aid in wedding planning, then you should probably follow some cool boards and some vendors you're thinking about hiring. You can get an idea of what those vendors can bring to the table by staying up to date on what they’re posting and, hey, maybe it aligns with what you’re thinking. The more research you do, the better your event will go.

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