Wedding Planning: DJ or Live Band?

Alright, so you’ve nailed down your dream venue and your guest list is manicured and complete. Now it’s time to book the entertainment for your wedding day. Most couples, and for good reason, start with the question: “Do we want a DJ or a live band?”

It’s a question couples should absolutely ask themselves before moving any further with the planning. The music at a wedding is totally important and is the most memorable things about the event, so it shouldn’t be knocked down the the priority hierarchy. But what’s the answer?

The answer is… both! Yes, both.

Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? We love our DJs and think live bands are awesome, but understand that each can have drawbacks.

Live Bands

Pros: Live bands can add a layer of elegance and class to a formal event. From a lone cellist to an eight-piece string band, live music can get people talking and can provide a wonderful energy, especially during dinner or cocktail hour.

Cons: Live music is notoriously expensive, but we don’t think that’s the biggest drawback to live bands. The song choices can be limited and the same music you hear at cocktail hour could be what you hear when you want to get down on the dance floor.


Pros: DJs carry with them a super large library of songs and experienced DJs can really read a dance floor, mix songs fluidly and keep the party going. A lot of DJs, including Nice Entertainment, have their own equipment and lighting, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Cons: DJs are great when you want to hit the dance floor, but an inexperienced DJ may not know what to play during the quieter parts of an event (ask our CEO Hans about his wedding story). And while a lot of DJs may be “cheap,” underpaying for entertainment may end up costing you.

Nice Entertainment is comprised of trained, experienced, and, yes, nice DJs who love working with clients to develop a great environment for celebrations. But what sets us apart from the rest the wedding DJs in Atlanta is we have a  live band aspect as a part of The Mansion package.

The DJ and live band hybrid, we think, is absolutely the way to go for a wedding. It gives couples the best of both worlds and really makes for a memorable wedding. With the package, experienced musicians will show up alongside your DJ and blow your guests away. With live music at cocktail hour and both on the dance floor, your music will be a hit!

Curious about what it’s like live? Drop us a line and we’ll tell you about one of our upcoming showcases where you can see us in action before booking. We can’t wait to help make your event memorable!