3 Workout Ideas to Help You Look Great in Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding date is approaching… and approaching fast! On top of planning for catering, entertainment and everything else that goes into make your big day the best it can, you may be stressing about a potentially tight-fitting wedding dress.

girl running

While there’s a comfort in heading down to the nearest Krispy Kreme and pounding a half-dozen delicious, hot doughnuts to help curb the pain of planning, it’s probably not doing anything to help your overall stress levels. Or maybe it does and your metabolism is on a teenage track-and-field star’s level, in which case we say make it a dozen doughnuts and drop some off for us.

But us normal people have to think about the consequences before putting away a handful of those tasty fried rings of dough and how we’re going to fit into our wedding clothes. No worries, because once again, we’re here for you.

We’ve put together three workout ideas that will help you fit into your wedding dress before your big day (sorry fellas, check back next week and we’ll talk about you). Check out some of these ideas before hiring a personal trainer:

Toned Arms at Home

We wager than most wedding dresses show off a decent bit of your arms, so it makes sense the thing most women focus on before their wedding is getting them tickets to the gun show! The good news here is you don’t really need to hit the gym for hours a day to get results.

In fact, there are some key exercises you can do at home to make sure that you look great in that wedding dress (we’d list them, but it’s just easier if you follow the link). Just head down to your nearest Target and pick up some dumbbells and you’re good to go!

Boutique Class it Up

Yes, we know that going to the gym can be a daunting task, but there are ways you can increase the excitement level and get pumped about, well… getting pumped! There are plenty of boutique classes offered in Atlanta and while many of them are fantastic, Pure Barre has a package for those brides to-be!

These classes utilize “small, isometric” movements to give its clients full-body results. Their three-month “bride to-be” package is a great way to get in shape (and probably make some new friends in the interim).  That, and taking a class is a great way to help with your fitness accountability.

Don’t Get Crazy

It’s easy to want to eat like a squirrel and run a half-marathon every day, but in the grand scheme of things, you’re doing your body a disservice. Overdoing the cardio and under-doing the healthy food intake can have opposite, sometimes negative results.

Should you do cardio? Totally. Should you only do cardio? Nope. A healthy mix of cardio and resistance training will help you achieve that awesome wedding dress body you’re hoping for.

The reality is anyone can achieve fitness goals with a little effort, so figure out what works for you and stick with it! Nice Entertainment is here to help you stay motivated by giving away a FitBit for those who fill out our request form.

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