Say "Yes" To The Dress & Follow The Rest

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Brian Worley - Bold Catering & Design

Brian is a creative entrepreneur with an eye for design. He started his career at the strapping age of 13 with a clothing line. Since then, Brian has designed some of the most elegant weddings and special events across the US including the red carpet in Hollywood. 

Atlanta is now home to Brian, and Bold Events snagged him up as the “Director of Design” for their amazing, well known company.

This podcast episode is filled with design tips, tricks, and secrets… including where and how Brian gets his inspiration.

This is also a great listen for you, the bride-to-be, looking for do’s & don’ts on your big day!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Doing free events and trades are a way to get your foot in the door, and stay friends with wedding pros in the industry.

  2. The design for the entire wedding, many times, starts with the dress.

  3. You should have incredible confidence in yourself, but also know that you can learn something new everyday. 

  4. If you really want a fun wedding, take the time to get your guest list right.

More about Brian Worley and see his amazing work:

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