How To Successfully Plan a Bridal Shower

There can be a lot to coordinate with one of these events, so if you’ve been charged with planning a bridal shower for a soon-to-be bride, don’t fret for a second -- we have your back. Check out some of our thought on how to successfully plan a bridal shower.

Tips for Scheduling Your Wedding During Football Season

So, in celebration of the return of football season and fall weather, here are a few tips to help schedule your fall wedding during football season.

3 Easy Exercises to Get You Into Wedding Shape

So, without sounding too much like a self-help website, here are a few exercises you can do at home (or wherever) to help ease some of those pre-wedding worries and make sure you look good walking down the aisle.

The Best Wedding Websites Aren’t Always Free

The Best Wedding Websites Aren’t Always Free

#1 DIY Wedding Website Tutorial

Hans with Nice Entertainment shares with you The Coolest Hippest Most Useful Way New Brides And Grooms Are Building Wedding Websites In Less Than 30 Minutes