6 Questions To Ask Your DJ

Everyone will probably interview their wedding DJ before hiring them. Right? Whether meeting them face-to-face or chatting on the phone, here's a list of questions you can ask all DJ's to see how everyone stacks up...

written by Hans Daniels, pro DJ & CEO of Nice Entertainment


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6 Questions To Ask Your DJ

Question #1: Do You Have DJ Insurance?

A lot of people (including DJ's) don't even know that DJ insurance exists. Especially if the DJ has been mostly performing at clubs or house parties. The fact is, most wedding venues require DJ insurance. If something were to go terribly wrong at your wedding, you could be responsible if the DJ is not covered. 

Question #2: How Many "Weddings" Have You DJ'd?

Weddings are completely different to DJ than any other type of event. Many DJ's you will interview will brag about how "long" they've DJ'd or "how many parties they've rocked"... but unless they've had countless hours leading diverse crowds, working with wedding planners, and knowing their roles at weddings - their track record has not yet been proven. (FYI: This question will weed out 99.9% of all European Club DJ's like the one pictured above. Sorry Tiësto)

Question #3: Ask Yourself... Does This DJ Communicate Well?

More of an internal question, than a question spoken out loud to the DJ... Ask yourself, how did this person communicate? Did they respond quickly? Did they make it to the meeting on time? Did they explain the next steps clearly? 

Red Flag: emails, texts, and phone calls may not be a priority If they have a full-time "day job" other than DJing . 

Question #4: What's Your Backup Plan? 

What's their backup plan if equipment fails.

What's their backup plan if they get sick.

What's their backup plan for any reason if they can't personally make it to the wedding. 

Question #5: How Do You Take Song Requests?

I'm sure you have a certain vibe and certain songs you'd like at your wedding. Ask them how they make sure that actually takes place. Do they have a song lists to choose from? Do you give them a youtube video link? Do they an interactive portal (like Nice Entertainment's). This is a big deal and you need to see what this DJ's game plan is. 

Question #6: Do You Have Professional DJ Gear?

Digital music is one of the greatest advances in the art of DJing. Recently, the floodgates have opened wide for anyone and everyone with an ipad or iphone to become a DJ. This cheap & non-professional DJ equipment will work great at house parties, but will not stand up to the demands of an intense wedding. 

The bitrate, tone, and sound clarity will differ greatly on different DJ software and hardware platforms. Really it comes down to professional or amateur. Everyone knows $100 DJ gear does not sound like $1,000 DJ gear. 

Make sure they're using pro gear and all songs are downloaded.


Thanks for taking the time to read! Hopefully this will help you find the best DJ for your wedding!


Hans Daniels, Pro DJ & CEO of Nice Entertainment!

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