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Our Mission!

High Energy DJ Entertainment

So, I’ve seen reviews from other DJ websites where the bride and groom might have left on there, “the music was great but the DJ was a little shy”, that would never be the case with Nice Entertainment. All of our DJs are fun and exciting, but here's the key - they're not cheesy, they're not a gameshow host, they’re not going to be out there doing the chicken dance, doing the same line dances... No, it's very organic, it's lots of fun, but it is always always about you.


Listen, when it comes to talent, there's nobody around town that’s even close. We have a DJ School, we have videos online, we have even books that we teach people how to use this gear. Then, we keep the best of the best on staff, there's no A-team, no B-team, there's just an A-team. With Nice Entertainment, every single DJ is the best DJ.


So, that's the talent thing. Now, I want to talk to you a little bit about the technology. We love technology, but this is the one thing that DJ companies around town just don't have. One thing they don't think about... And that is our one of a kind DJ client portal that you can check out right now for free. And what this amazing technology does is really two things; it saves you time and it saves you brain power. You've only got so much that you can think of for your wedding - this is one less thing you should have to think of. It gives you a list of songs, but not only that, not just a PDF of “hey, here's 50 cool songs”, it's an interactive click ‘play’ and listen to it. There's also a drag and drop feature, and a place you get suggestions for things like father-daughter dances... I mean it's mind-blowing. Anything and everything that you could think of as far as technology, there's no DJ company around town that’s even close. 

Listen, I know there's a lot of options and it's a big decision, but music is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing (besides you getting married), about your big day. Everybody's going to remember that. There are two big things that set us apart from everybody else on the planet; talent and technology. And besides that, check this this out.. my wife and I got married 10 years ago and that's what started the whole thing. Our wedding DJ was a mess and we found out that there was a need in the market to do this. So, we created this whole brand, this whole thing, this whole DJ school, everything, out of our disaster. 

Hopefully, we can help you have the most amazing night of your life. So, many happy brides, so many great reviews, there's absolutely nothing to fear. We can't wait to work with you and create this amazing day. 

Talk to you guys soon. Bye.