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7 Sweet, Slow, & Perfect First Dance Songs

I really believe the first dance is a special time for you, the married couple, to show your personalities, and let your creativity shine!

Most first dance songs come with a story...

For example: 

  • We heard this song when doing a sunset cruise. 
  • We sang this on our first date. 
  • We saw this band in concert.
  • We sat on the back of your truck and drank cheap wine...

But maybe, you need a little help sparking some ideas.

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Here's a few of my current first dance song fav's.

First Dance Song Ideas pic.png

One more quick tip from a pro DJ... 

Practice dancing to your song a few times before the wedding. Sometimes just because it's cool to listen to - it may be hard to dance to.


Hans Daniels, Professional DJ & CEO of Nice Entertainment