10 High Energy Wedding Dance Songs for 2018

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10 High Energy Wedding Dance Songs of 2018!

I know what you're thinking... "I've never heard of half of these songs."


That's because the list above is our prediction of the future. :)


Just like you, we LOVE music, and are always checking for what's coming next.

And just like you, we don't want to exclude anyone on the dance floor. 

At each wedding there's always a wide range of ages & demographics to entertain.


At Nice Entertainment we have designed our own method called "Rotate The Dance Floor" that gets both young & old partying throughout the night.


It's a part of our DJ School.

DJ School?????

Yes, did you know Nice Entertainment is the only wedding entertainment company in the USA that has a DJ School! 

And we won The Couples Choice Award from TheKnot :) 

Find out more here.

We would love to hear from you if you have an upcoming wedding! Simply fill out this form, and we'll shoot you back some information.

Be sure to share our Spotify Playlist of the songs too!

Be Nice, share with friends :)


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