Wedding Hashtags: to Tag or Not to Tag?

instgram wedding hashtags

Wedding hashtags seem like a must-have at any modern wedding. How else are people supposed to finish their awesome ‘Gram of you and your spouse tying the knot or the killer dance floor at the reception? #GramGramGettingDown

All we know is there are some really clever wedding hashtags out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s essential. Check it, it’s about to be 2018, so is it time to bury the creative wedding hashtags for good? Let’s weigh in with a couple arguments.

Yes, Let’s Totally Get Rid of Wedding Hashtags

There are plenty in the “hashtags need to go” camp, and it may be warranted. Everything has a shelf life, and we’re not sure wedding hashtags are excluded from that. Wedding hashtags have been around, well, since hashtags became a thing. We can’t recall a wedding “pound sign” ourselves. After a quick Google search, the hashtag became a thing circa 2007, and we’re guessing had a wedding impact when Instagram started in 2010.

Seven years is a long time to trend in the technology world, so it’s not a huge reach to think that wedding hashtags have had their heyday. Plus, you could argue that it’s akin to when your parents got on Facebook -- it’s lost a little of its “coolness.” When everyone starts doing it, maybe it’s not as unique and fun as you think it is.

In short, wedding hashtags have been overused and come up short on the digital “cool” scale. Plus, what if you hate the angle that’s now shared socially?

No, Wedding Hashtags Are Still Totally Relevant

While we can all agree that wedding-specific hashtags have hit their prime, we’re not sure they’re out of it. Some of them can be sort of lame, sure, but that’s totally cool because hashtagging your wedding can be so practical (and super fun!).

One of the beautiful things about today’s technology is it’s super easy to share content with, well, everyone. What a wedding hashtag does effectively is provide a one-tap way to share all of the event’s images with, well, everyone, including yourself. It’s unrealistic for all of your guests to share their images with you via email, but with a hashtag you can tap into all of the uploaded images.

Everyone loves being nostalgic and hashtags provide that.


If you want a hashtag, do it! It’s a super easy and fun way to share all the images of your special day with everyone. Plus, you can keep going back and fondly remembering your grandma getting down.

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