5 Wedding Instagram Accounts You Should Follow While Planning a Wedding

Yes, our blog’s title is a bit longer than usual and finally we’re off of the “3 blank blank blank You Need for Your Wedding” train (not for long, we imagine), but we just wanted to keep you on your toes. We’re just really pumped to help you get your creative juices flowing by introducing you to some of the internet’s coolest wedding Instagram accounts.

wedding instagram accounts

We’ve heard all about Pinterest and how you can find inspiration there, but it can sometimes be like going down a long, beautiful, uncurated rabbit hole. Instagram, however, is a bit more native and you’re likely on it waaaaaaaaay too much -- which we’re totally cool with. Since you spend hours a week on Instagram, you might as well use it for some wedding planning inspiration.

To get you started, we’ve picked five wedding Instagram accounts that we feel can provide you with your much-needed inspiration. And… here we go:

Ruffled Blog | @ruffledblog

Where classical meets rustic and elegance meets modern, Ruffled Blog is a great feed that is sure to bring about inspiration and awe. This feed covers a lot: from cakes to stationery to wedding dresses to photos to decorations, you won’t be lacking in content.

Bespoke Bride | @bespokebride

Color. Color. Color. If you’re a fan of color, well Bespoke Bride is right up your alley. Full of personality, creativity and color, this Instagram is sure to give you a smile at the very least. While not super wedding-centric (in the traditional way), a lot of their content can translate exceptionally well to your big day.

Bash Please | @bashplease

Let’s just say this feed will make you jealous. The operators of Bash Please for sure insert their personality and opinions into their feed and it’s a nice complement to the traditional, professionally-shot “big boy” feeds. The feed is decoration-heavy, but will absolutely inspire you to throw one heck of a party.

Wedding Chicks | @weddingchicks

Need somewhere to start online shopping for wedding dresses? Start at Wedding Chicks. Their feed is littered with all sorts of beautiful wedding dresses. Trust us, it’s like shopping on a street with never-ending designer dress stores -- that you can totally go into in your PJs. And, yes, to answer your question, they do tag the designer of the dress.

Cake Ink. | @cake_ink

Cake! Maybe one of the most mouthwatering feeds we’ve come across, Cake Ink. is going to make you want to run that extra mile at the gym so you can eat a piece of cake. While they’re Australian, the feed is excellent and can give you some ideas to take to a, well, closer bakery. Oh, they also do stationary. Yup, it’s a one-stop-shop.

Nice Entertainment | @nice_entertainment

You caught us. The list is actually six accounts long (#shamelessplug). Nice Entertainment is the premier wedding entertainment company in Atlanta and put out some awesome content. You can drop them a line here if you feel like having the best wedding DJ in Atlanta play your wedding.