3 Christmas Presents to Give the Soon-to-be Married Couple

Christmas is quickly approaching and if you have someone in your life that is close to saying “I do,” you may be thinking about what to get them and their better half for Christmas. We love that you’re taking a proactive approach to checking off your shopping list, but buying a Christmas for someone who’s about to get married is not the same as buying a wedding present.

wedding gifts for couples

Hear us out here.

Maybe you know someone who has a birthday during the holiday season and year after year they get a “combo” gift. While they may genuinely not care that much about gifts, we’re willing to bet they’d like the two to be thought of independently. The same may be said for post-Christmas winter weddings.

So instead of buying your couple wedding-inspired gifts (toasters, blenders, etc) think about some gifts that could help bridge the gap until the wedding. Here’s a little guide to help generate some ideas for Christmas gifts for couples.


Planning a wedding can be, well, a bit stressful in nature and sometimes couples find themselves a bit tense. A spa day -- whether it be individually or as a couple -- can really help ease that burden.

We know it’s not a super “creative” gift, but we guarantee that your friends or family will be pumped to get a day to just chill out.

Cheer On the Home Team

This may seem a bit odd, but a basketball game could a be good way to get the couple out on the town and not thinking about the wedding. And, no, it’s not just for the guy. Here's the scoop:

Encourage them to go grab dinner and a few drinks (maybe more depending on how the team is doing -- looking at you, Atlanta Hawks during the playoffs). The energy in the arena and the anticipation of the event can make for a great and, most importantly, simple night out.

Leave the Cleaning to Someone Else

It takes a lot of energy to balance planning a wedding and everyday life, including keeping the house clean. It may seem trivial, but little things like not having to worry about dusting can help make the time leading up to the wedding much simpler.

The answer: a cleaning service for the time leading up to the wedding (or longer depending on your budget). The couple may already be living together, so that makes picking a package really easy. If they’re not living together until after the wedding, give a gift card to a local service and have them choose when and where they’d like to use it.

The idea with all the gift ideas is to take a little pressure off a couple during the planning process. There’s one thing you don’t have to worry about while you’re planning a wedding: the music. At Nice Entertainment, we’ve made our name on providing a stress-free experience. Drop us a line to see how we can help your wedding.