3 Cool Groomsmen Gifts that Aren’t Monogrammed Flasks

We know that a lot of times wedding blogs (like ours) tend to skip over the groom and focus on the bride (and we can be guilty of this, too). But not today! Sorry ladies, but this one’s for the guys -- or for you to pass the info along.

cool groomsmen gifts

It’s tradition for a groom to ask a handful of his closest family and friends to stand by his side while he commits his life to another. While that’s a great honor in and of itself, grooms often sweeten the pot by dishing out groomsmen gifts. It’s like Christmas, except with more whiskey and cigars.

Often times those groomsmen gifts are just that: whiskey and cigars. And while all guys appreciate a good flask, a great cigar and fantastic whiskey (trust us, we totally do) there is room for a little more creativity. Here are some cool ideas for groomsmen gifts for your best guys:

Suit Shopping

You’ve seen those movies: a bride and all of her bridesmaids go shopping for dresses and it’s a big event. Why can’t guys jump on that train? Imagine this: making an appointment at a tailor -- just you and your friends -- cracking a bottle of the good stuff, trying on suits and buying everyone tailored suits for the wedding.

Sidenote: we think it’s pretty cool if your wedding party isn’t wearing all of the same suits. Personality is a pretty cool thing.

We’re sure the tailor wouldn’t mind if you brought a bottle of scotch and some glasses and made a day out it. You could follow up the suit fitting with hitting the town for drinks and dinner. If you can afford it, it’s a good way to say thank to all of your buddies.

We get that suits can get a bit expensive, so an alternative is you offering to pay for the tailoring and everyone bought their own suit. They were about to commit to a rental, so it’s probably not a hard sell if they get to keep it.

Whiskey tasting

Instead of filling up a flask with one kind of whiskey, why not set up a whiskey tasting for you and your crew? There are plenty of places in Atlanta and the South that offer classes on different whiskies and their flavor profiles.

Sidenote: you could also host your own whiskey tasting, but it’ll require a little research on your part. If you do this, get enough bottles for everyone to take home the leftovers… if there are any.

Not only will you and your friends get to drink whiskey, but you’ll likely walk away with a greater knowledge and a new favorite whiskey. We suggest following up this tasting with dinner and then more… whiskey.

An Outdoor Adventure

If your friends are into the outdoors, then why not give them a trip instead of a gift. We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by some really cool places in the South -- looking at you, Asheville -- and why not have bachelor party round two?

Pick a weekend, grab a cabin, bring some firewood and whiskey and get outside. There’s plenty to do, especially in a place like Asheville: white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, brewery touring, etc.

Sidenote: Asheville breweries are the best. End sidenote.

Again, this could get a bit expensive if you’re doing it as a gift, but maybe you could front the cabin and one adventure and convince everyone else to pitch in.

We love seeing people get excited about weddings and making everyone involved happy. We also love seeing people have a great time at the wedding. Drop us a line to see what we can do to help make your wedding the best it can be.