4 Wedding Registry Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier

The best part of getting married isn’t the walk down the aisle or cutting the cake or even the first dance. Everyone knows the best part of a getting hitched is all the cool stuff you get from your friends and family!

wedding registry apps

Ok, we know that’s out of control and receiving gifts from your peeps probably does not top the list of what you’re most excited about. But, just because it’s not the most important thing, doesn’t mean that it can't eat up a lot of your time (before and after the wedding… looking at you, duplicate gifts).

One way to help manage the process is to define a clear registry process, but that can be an ordeal in its own right. Are they registered at Target? Bed, Bath & Beyond? Home Depot? Sam’s Discount Electronics? It can be a pain for you and your guests to keep up with.

One word, four syllables: technology. Lucky for us we live in a pretty cool time with access to some sweet tech that can help us organize our lives more effectively. And, yes, the same is true for wedding registries.

Check out these wedding registry apps before you pass the wish list along to your guests:


Not only does this site put some really cool gifts from a bunch of different stores in one place, but it also make it easy to crowdsource experiences (*cough* honeymoon *cough*). But what we really think sets this site apart is its ability to give donations. Instead of asking for a coffee maker, you can have your guests donate to your favorite charity. We think that’s pretty cool.


The site has some horsepower, making it pretty attractive for an all-in-one registry app. Like Thankful, Zola can help pay for experiences, like concerts or trips. The easy part about Zola is you can add a button to your Internet browser and anything you see online can be put into your Zola registry. It’s literally as easy as clicking a button.


It’s has to be hard to stand out as a wedding registry app, but Blueprint does a good job with taking a unique approach. What make them special is you can set your registry by the area of the home you want that gift to fill.

If someone want to get you kitchen stuff, they can go to your kitchen “blueprint” and find out exactly where you’re thinking it’s going to go. Visualize and attack, if you will.

Simple Registry

This site is similar to the others in the sense that you can add products from all over the web, help crowdsource items and add items to your list with one click. But Simple Registry allows you get all your gifts as cash so you can purchase them on your own time. If a new model comes out, you’ll have the cash to buy it.

They also tout themselves as making the “thank you” note process more streamlined. If they’re right, holy moly that’s awesome.

We love seeing people happy, so for your wedding we’ll bring the gift of a good time! With more than 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, we’ve seen some really awesome gifts. Drop us a line to hear what we can do to make your wedding an even better experience.