Cool Wedding Technology: 4 Gadgets to Use at Your Techie Wedding

We’ve talked a lot about technology over the last few months and you may just think we’re a bunch of nerds, but there’s a reason for us nerding out over cool wedding stuff: it’s super cool!

This is what cake toppers look like without 3D printers. Don't let your cake look like this.

This is what cake toppers look like without 3D printers. Don't let your cake look like this.

In the age of technology we’re living in, it’s understandable that every aspect of our lives has been touched or changed by the availability of affordable, really sweet tech. That doesn’t change when it comes to weddings, so don’t ignore technology on your big day -- embrace it!

To get you excited about some cool wedding technology, here are four things you should consider using at your wedding:

GIF PhotobootH

Photobooths are a really easy way for people to let loose at your wedding and have a small souvenir to take home. But let’s face it: in today’s digital age, most people would prefer to have something to post on Instagram or Facebook -- so give it to them.

A photobooth that creates GIFs that can be e-mailed and then uploaded to the web is a really fun way to bring the wedding photobooth into the 21st Century. Get your dancing shoes on.

Robotic Bartender

While we think you should probably have a real-life bartender in combination with this, a robotic bartender could be a cool way to “wow” your guests with a special cocktail. Enter the Somabar -- basically the Keurig of the cocktailing world.

It’s easy enough to work: you fill the reservoirs with liquor and set a cocktail recipe on your phone. People walk up, press the button and walk away with a perfectly poured cocktail. James Bond would be proud.

3D Printed Cake Toppers

1994 called and it wants plastic wedding cake toppers that looking nothing like you and your spouse back. In the age of 3D printers there’s no need to have a generic cake topper. By having your wedding cake topper printed on a 3D printer, you can have an accurate representation of you. In fact, it’s pretty scary how accurate these cake toppers can be when printed on a 3D printer.

A little weird? Yes. Kind of cool? Totally.

Polaroid Snap

Polaroid cameras are pretty common at weddings and for good reason: they can be used to give people a small present or you can collect an album of funny faces and notes from your guests. But it’s 2016 and Polaroids have changed. Now it’s done through a digital camera where you can add filters, share to social sites and print on site via an app.

Trust us, this thing will get passed around A TON at your wedding.

There is a ton of cool wedding technology out there and no wrong way to implement it at your wedding. At Nice Entertainment, we’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and would love to answer any questions you may have about wedding entertainment in Atlanta.