Why You Need a Drone at Your Wedding… And a Guide on How to Keep it From Being Lame

Drone technology has become so accessible that it’s likely your father has one and is currently sitting on his back porch chasing the dogs around while smoking a cigar. So it makes sense that the technology has found popularity among wedding photographers and videographers.

drone wedding

That rise is because, when done correctly, wedding drone photography and videography can be super cool. We’ve seen some really sweet shots from drone operators that would have either been A) incredibly expensive or B) impossible five to 10 years ago.

So, if you’re tossing around the idea of getting a drone to shoot your wedding, here’s why you should consider it. Oh, and a small guide to help you through the process. Drone on, man.

The right venue

If your wedding venue is open, scenic and spacious, then you should consider hiring a drone for your wedding. Imagine this: you’re in North Georgia at a winery or a beautiful cabin surrounded by mountains and the opening scene to your wedding video is an aerial shot of you tying the knot. The point is, expansive outside venues, especially during the day or sunset, can make for some seriously impressive shots.

Pro tip: if your venue is inside, has low ceilings and your cousin is 6’5”, maybe skip the drone.

Hire a pro

We get that your next door neighbor’s teenage kid is really good at flying the drone in the cul-de-sac, but remember that one time he accidentally crashed it into Frank’s F-150? Yeah, better Frank’s truck than you and your spouse.

When you hire a pro, you get pro work. Yes, you may end up paying a few more bucks, but the results will be great. Not to mention a lot of professional drone operators have insurance (yes, that’s important).

Don’t end up like this couple and cheap out on the drone pilot.

Pick the time to fly… and when to ground

A drone can be distracting, especially if it’s flying low during an important part of the ceremony. While the drone may have to get close to its subject to hit the right angle or get the right light, your drone operator should know when to stay clear. Trust us, no one wants to hear a constant buzzing while you’re saying “I do.”

Make it clear to the operator that it’s important for the done to not cause a huge scene… until cocktail hour or on the dance floor!

We’ve seen some great drone shots, so if you have any questions on some wedding drones photographers in the Atlanta area, hit us up. If you want to get your dance floor grooving to make sure those cool shots have some action, drop us a line. As one of the top Atlanta wedding DJs, we’re really good at bringing the fun to an event.