4 Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

This one is for the guys (mostly, but ladies feel free to jump in on the conversation).

So you’re ready to pull the trigger on getting engaged? Hey, we’re super pumped for you and we love weddings, so you have our total support. Now you have to figure out how you will ask and what hardware you’ll be pulling out to ask with.

engagement ring trends

Trust us, we know this can be a daunting task and you, like many men, may not be up-to-date on what’s going on in the ring world. Well, the best way to figure out what your soon-to-be spouse may want is to ask… or just use our guide.

So wipe off your palms, practice your speech and read up on the four engagement ring trends for 2017.

Platinum is not the only route

You may initially go to the shiniest, most platinum-y ring you can find, but the truth is it’s not the only metal you should look at. Yellow and rose gold are totally back in, so don’t discount the classics.

The point is, personal preference has surpassed what the jewelry companies tell you what’s in (i.e. what’s going to pad their bottom line the most). Figure out what your better half wants and run full speed ahead and ignore Kay (we’re pretty sure you’ve had plenty of kisses without them).

Small and Simple

The days of gaudy, retina-burning rings are almost up, so embrace simplicity in an engagement ring. From simple bands (of whatever metal you want) to lone and simply set gems (they don’t even have to be diamonds), simple is trending, so jump on board.

According to Vogue: “Diamond rings are just no longer cool.”

Vintage is totally in

There’s always been a call for heirloom pieces of jewelry, but in 2017 vintage and family pieces are way cooler that off-the-shelf rings. So, if you’re trying to choose between something at the mall or something you find your grandparent’s attic, you should think really hard about the latter.

You can always replace the setting or resize the band, so don’t let any of that deter you. Stay hip, you hip, hip human.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Experiences

The average engagement ring costs almost $5,000 and for most budgets that’s pretty high. Imagine if you spent less money on a thing you wear and more money on, say, the honeymoon.

Experiences are generally more rewarding than any possession, so embrace the memories and spend more money making them. Plus, memories can’t be lost down the kitchen sink. Hello Bali!

Bottom line is choose something that will make your better half happy -- whether it’s platinum and $15,000 or rose gold and $500. There is no right answer as long as it suits the person wearing it -- and that’s the engagement ring trend for 2017.