Say “I Do” to Recycling Wedding Flowers

Floral arrangements for weddings are an essential part of creating a vibe and setting the scene for you and your guests. And while the costs are often worth it for dozens of beautiful arrangements, a lot of times those flowers only serve one purpose: your wedding.

recycle wedding flowers

The reality is, however, those flowers have a longer shelf life than just your wedding and while it’s understandable to take an arrangement or two for memories, a lot of those flowers can be donated locally to hospitals, retirement homes, wherever people are happy to see flowers.

You may be thinking: “I won’t have the time or energy to coordinate all that during my event.” We agree and so do dozens of flower recycling services across the country.

Here are a few pretty awesome places in the Southeast you can donate your flowers to post-wedding. Trust us, you’ll feel good about this.

Repeat Roses

Started in 2014, Repeat Roses is a nationwide service. Founder and CEO Jennifer Grove has a cool story and the company does some cool work. They’ll come after your wedding and pick up all your floral arrangements and give them happy homes.  

Random Acts of Flowers

Started in 2007, Random Acts of Flowers works within six cities across the nation, including Knoxville and Tampa. Although they’re not in Atlanta, they are expanding and are a good resource to get ideas and inspiration.


Rebloom is one of the newer players on the market, but is a prime example on how technologically-oriented this industry has become. You can download their app here and expect more of these types of companies to follow suit.

Petals with Purpose

While they’re only in Palm Beach County, Florida, Petals with Purpose is another example of cool people doing cool stuff to make other people happy. If you’re planning a South Florida wedding, look them up.

These are just a few example of companies helping to make the lives of others a little bit better. So chip in and give people some happy flowers.

If you want to talk more about industry trends and what’s going on in our world, drop us a line -- we’d love to chat. We’re also a pretty sweet Atlanta wedding DJ and entertainment company, so keep us in mind while you plan.