2017 wedding trends

Wedding Songs to Say Goodbye to in 2017 (and Some to Say Hello to in 2018)

Check it: 2017 was a great year for wedding songs, from T-Swift to Bieber to Ed “Game of Thrones Cameo” Sheeran, but most songs have a shelf life and we have a few that we think have reached their expiration date. So, we’ve put together some thoughts on what wedding songs you should say goodbye to in 2017 and some that you should hear on the wedding dance floor in 2018.

5 Styling Tips For Grooms Wedding Day Hair

How a groom looks and feels is important, but apart from having a well-tailored suit and feeling fit, there’s not much else that goes into the look. Except for the hair. Gentlemen, it’s all about the hair.

3 Spring Wedding Trends that You Should Pay Attention To

Much like how you can count on the winter to fade and spring to arrive, you can count on new spring wedding trends. Luckily, we keep up with this kind of stuff and do our best to make it easier for you to stay in tune.

4 Awesome Wedding Trends to Expect in 2017

We’ve collect four of the coolest wedding trends we expect to see in 2017 so you don’t have to spend any time on the Google machine looking for ideas.