4 Awesome Wedding Trends to Expect in 2017

We’re now securely into 2017 and the glitter may have worn off from the New Year’s excitement, but that doesn’t mean that 2017 is going to be a dud. As with many industries, the wedding industry changes year after year and many couples planning a wedding find themselves searching for the new, cool way to throw a celebration of union.

Well, we’re here to make it very easy. We’ve collect four of the coolest wedding trends we expect to see in 2017 so you don’t have to spend any time on the Google machine looking for ideas.

Let’s get to it.

wedding trends 2017


Vintage-inspired weddings have made a move to popularity over the last year or so and we expect that trend to continue. From industrial venues to cool, old “getaway” cars to suspenders and classic cocktails, weddings that embrace a vintage theme can be super cool. We expect 2017 to add a little more glam to these vintage weddings, so don’t be surprised when you see a healthy mix of new and old.


Copper, rose gold, and pewter continue to inspire brides and wedding planners. Maybe it’s because the metallics are so versatile and go well with a ton of colors, themes, and vibes. From vintage casual to modern black tie, metallics will be the bell of the ball this year. As a note, however, it’s best not to overdo it -- don’t want your guests to have too much bling in their eyes.

Go Candid

In the age of saturated media, people are craving real, genuine moments that tell a story. It’s this desire that is driving another wedding trend of 2017: candid wedding photography. We’re not just talking about the ceremony, but during wedding party shoots and more. Gone are the days where groups of people are organized by height and in are the days where people can (and should) be themselves in front of a lens.

All the Food

Serving only a three course meal is a thing of the past. In 2017, the creative apps, late night menus, more dinner courses, abstract desserts, and more will take the spotlight. There are too many awesome caterers out there doing really cool stuff to not embrace the never-ending food train. Trust us, your guests will go home happy and full.

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