3 New Year’s Resolutions for About-To-Be-Married Couples

We can all celebrate a new year and welcome in 2017 with open arms. For some of us, we’ll continue the path to better ourselves -- whether it be around career, fitness or personal goals. For others, a wedding is on the horizon and your resolutions may be centered around your relationship or event.

If you’re in the latter category, well, you’re in luck. This year, check out some of these new year’s resolutions for couples.

new years resolutions for couples

Get In the Kitchen… Together

It’s easy to default to one person or the other when it comes to cooking dinner. While it may be appealing to let your significant other whip up something in the kitchen while you knock out some emails, it’s important for you to get in there with him or her.

Cooking together is a great time to act spontaneously: dancing, opening a bottle of wine you’ve been saving, showing off some culinary skills, whatever you want. It can be a ton of fun creating together and easier on your wallets (maybe another resolution… two birds, one stone we say!).

Pro tip: hop on some cooking websites for inspiration, but instead of following the recipes exactly, try to make them your own. Odds are it’ll be delicious and you’ll feel more creative.

Say Yes More

It can be easy to get into a routine that you find comfortable, but remember that your significant other may not dig on that routine the same way you do. Do yourself (and relationship) a favor and say “yes” more often to things they suggest.

Maybe it’s a new restaurant they’ve been wanting to try and you’ve been unsure. Maybe it’s an adventure together, like hiking for a weekend. Or maybe it’s finally saying yes to that exercise class he or she has been inviting you to.

Saying yes more is guaranteed to make your significant other happy.

Take a Break… from Planning

It’s understandable that couples planning their wedding can be focused on their event so much that they put it as a priority in their spare time. This is all good, until it isn’t. Make it a priority to, well, make the planning process less of a priority some of the time.

This is not to say you shouldn’t plan -- you should, but you shouldn’t let it take over all of your spare time.

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