How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?

They are questions that get asked a lot while planning a wedding: how much does it cost? How much should it cost? What’s up with the price gaps between companies? How do they set the cost? Should I pay that for that?

It’s hard to answer for other sectors of the wedding industry, but as an Atlanta wedding DJ, we’re pretty fluent in our corner. So, how much should your wedding DJ cost? Well the short answer: it depends on what you expect.

Let’s run through, in Laymen’s terms, what you should expect to spend on your wedding DJ.

wedding dj cost


Before you can choose the right wedding DJ for you, you first have to determine what your needs are for your wedding. Do you want a full band, a DJ, an intricate light display, the works for a multi-day event? Well, that could get pretty pricey, potentially reaching the five-digit mark. Maybe you just want a lone DJ for the reception dance floor only. That’s for sure a cheaper option and could be less than $1,000.

Once you decide what entertainment options you want at your wedding, you can start the search.

Set Realistic Expectations

Sometimes people hear DJ and think it’s simply a guy plugging in an auxiliary cord into his MacBook. While this is sometimes true, DJing is exponentially more complex than that. If you want your cousin who’s be “spinnin’” for a few months, then sure, it'll be a cheap $200 deal, but you’re going to get an... interesting mix.

But there are also DJs who boast to have all the “newest” and “highest tech” equipment and focus almost entirely on that. Don’t be surprised when these guys charge $6,000 to do a wedding. The reality is these guys spend more time on what equipment they have and less time with the music, mixes and vibe of the event.

Have a Budget

Wedding DJs want to do weddings -- it’s fun for us and, at least at Nice, we love seeing people happy. So when you start the conversation with your potential DJs, talk about what you want and what your budget is. A lot of times DJs can put together a personalized package for you that’s outside their standard scopes. But it’s important to have that conversation up front.

The bottom line is you can get a DJ for $400, but you run a high risk of a terrible experience -- ask our owner about his wedding. But unless you’re running a multi-day, multi-faceted event, you probably shouldn’t pay $4,000 either. The sweet spot is in-between.

If you want to talk more about how much a wedding DJ should cost, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to chat with you.