3 Way Too Early Valentine's Day Ideas for Newlyweds

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Yes, it is that time of year again and, yes, we know that the year has flown by. So buckle up, welcome this February with open arms and an open bottle of wine and treat your new spouse to a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget.

valentines gift ideas for couples

We get that you may not be into the Hallmark version of the date: red roses, fancy dinners, chocolates, etc. -- but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the day to shed sprinkles of love on your newly bound relationship. If you’re looking from some ideas on how you can treat your wife or husband to a great Valentine’s Day this year, then feel free to take some from here.

Get Outside

There can be a lot of pressure on couples to have an uber-romantic night and that pressure can be amplified if you’re newly married, but the reality is what makes the night special is the connection two people make.

So, why not be the only two people for miles? If you both are into the outdoors -- even just a little bit -- then it may be a good idea to grab the camping equipment, find a cool site near a river and just exist in the woods for a couple of days. You’ll have plenty of time to talk, walk and just be near each other without the distraction of city life.

Pro tip: layout what you think you need. Then take away 20% of it. It’ll force you to solve problems together as a couple and you’ll be better for it… after a shower and a hot meal.

A Restaurant Weekend

Not into camping and getting in touch with nature? No worries -- we have an idea for you. Charleston is arguably the culinary hub of the south and everywhere you turn there you’ll find a great restaurant. So, why not plan a restaurant trip through the historic city for Valentine’s Day?

You can get as fancy or casual as you’d like. Our suggestion is to restaurant hop, grab a drink and an appetizer at a couple different places before settling on a main course. You’ll be able to try a bunch of things and will have a better sense of the culinary scene.

Pro tip: get oysters.

Movie a La Casa

Yes, this may seem blasé, but it’s not if done right. Not big on going out or getting into the woods, but want to show some love to the person that you love? Plan a night in with a movie, but really go for it.

We’re talking coursed appetizers, bottles of wine, all sorts of homemade snacks, comfortable pallets on the floor, etc. -- imagine the most comfortable, lavish picnic known to man. Who knows, maybe it'll turn into a double feature.

If you’re stuck on an idea, hit us up -- we love helping out couples and their relationship. If you’re planning a wedding, let us know because we know how to bring the party to your event. Oh, and we’re full of great date ideas.